MEROL went from zero to one-hundred in 2018, evident from her three rapidly sold-out Paradiso shows. The singer makes catchy Dutch pop music, characterised by cheeky lyrics and 80s synths. The red-haired femme fatale is charming, naughty and down-to-earth, and with a healthy dose of self-mockery she knows how to win over everyone’s heart. Exactly one year ago she released her first single ‘Ik Wil Een Kind Van Jou’, followed by the hits ‘Lekker Met De Meiden’ and ‘Kerst Met De Fam’. ‘Lekker Met De Meiden’ ended in several end-of-year lists, and with brand-new singles ‘Hou Je Bek En Bef Me’ and ‘Geen Reet (feat. Bokoesam)' she continues growing into Holland’s most wanted pop star.



Rick Bakker