Mazey Haze

Mazey Haze is the moniker of songwriter, musician and producer Nadine Appeldoorn. She gets her inspiration from artists like ABBA, The Beach Boys, The Mama’s and the Papa’s, Francoise Hardy, Margo Guryan and Armando Trovajoli. Her songs start in her bedroom where she feels the safest; where her feelings, intuition and sound can flow freely. 

She’s toning down the more ethereal, synthetic textures she started with and instead rooting herself to the earth. Organic, acoustic sounds, her love of French New Wave cinema, Italian film scores and 60s psych-rock inform the vein of nostalgia that runs through her songs, finding its way back to a distant, subconscious world.

All she does is trying to keep authenticity and vulnerability as the conscious foundation for anything she creates. Mazey Haze is always learning, and we’ll be learning with her.



Rick Bakker